AccessiBe: The Ultimate Accessibility Solution for Squarespace Websites

One of the greatest tools for building a website is Squarespace. 

But, Squarespace lacks a very crucial feature, which is accessibility. 

About 15% of the world’s population suffers from some sort of disability. 

So it’s not only a legal requirement to have your website accessible but also a moral responsibility. 

Today, we will discuss a quick and effective solution to make your Squarespace website accessible and compliant with ACA and WCAG.

What is AccessiBe?

what is accessibe

AcessiBe is a website accessibility solution driven by AI and has a lot of features that will make your website fully accessible to everyone. 

This innovative tool integrates with websites on all platforms but the one we are interested in is Squarespace. 

It offers a simple integration process with Squarespace websites and makes them accessible.

AccessiBe is the plugin that you are looking for if you want to make your Squarespace website conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Key Features of AccessiBe Accessibility Plugin

We at Lucrative Studio, gave AcessiBe a try as this is the only reliable solution we could find for making Squarespace websites accessible.

You will be impressed by the accessibility features of AccessiBe plugin. 

AccessiBe goes above and beyond to cater to people with all disabilities. 

Once you install this plugin to your website, it will be supercharged with accessibility features like:

Content Adjustments

content adjustments

Text is the most important part of your website. 

People visit your website to find something or purchase something. And they accomplish this by reading text on your website. 

You might have never felt any issue with the text on the websites, but think about people who need help reading small or high-contrast text. 

So, you never know how the text on your website can be a hindrance for some people. 

With AccessiBe your website will have a set of features dedicated to the copy of your website.

Visitors to your website will be able to make adjustments to the text based on their preferences.

They can make changes to the alignment of the paragraphs, make the text size bigger or smaller, highlight titles, highlight links, adjust the line height, and adjust letter spacing. 

With these features, your visitors will love your website. 

People with myopia or hyperopia or any other issues related to their sight will be able to adjust every text on your website. 

Isn’t it Impressive? 

With just a click your website’s text can be bigger or smaller or become more readable.

Color Adjustments

color adjustments acessiBe

Around 300 million people worldwide are facing some sort of color blindness. 

That’s a lot of people who face difficulty accessing the internet. 

Imagine how many of your website visitors face difficulty just because your website does not accommodate people with color blindness. 

But with AccessiBe your website will have added features along with content adjustment.

The added features for color adjustments include changing contrast, and colors of your website.

Visitors will be able to change your website’s contrast to dark, light, or high contrast. 

There is also an option to change the saturation of overall content and any color can be picked for the text on your website. 

One feature that we really love is the monochrome toggle, with this your overall website will shift to a monochrome color, making it easy to read the text on the website.

The color adjustment features are useful for people experiencing issues with color processing.

We have had many clients who suffered from color blindness and it was difficult for them to process colors on the website. 

At that time there was no suitable plugin that offered extensive accessibility features and integration with Squarespace websites. 

But after testing this plugin we are planning to use it on our website plus recommend it to our clients.

Orientation Adjustments

orientation adjustments acessiBe

Along with the content adjustment and color adjustment features, AccessiBe brings a lot more to the table. 

This plugin will add more features to your Squarespace website so people can increase their focus and process text on the website in a much better way. 

Let us explain these features.

There is a whole section dedicated to orientation adjustment features. 

These include muting sounds, hiding images, reading mode, stopping animations, highlighting hover, changing the cursor to black or white, reading mask, highlighting hover, and jumping to links on the specific part of the website.

These accessibility features make it easy to read text on your website and we found it very helpful on blogs. 

Reading mode can eliminate unwanted clutter on the website so your visitors can focus on reading the text without any distractions. 

Other toggles that we discuss are also helpful to adjust the website according to your needs and preferences. 

We have experienced that these features are beneficial to improve your focus on the website to grasp the most important information on the website.

How to Install AccessiBe on Your Squarespace Website

how to install accessiBe

These helpful features make your website accessible. 

We know that you are wondering about the installation process and the pricing of this plugin.

Let’s talk about the installation process first.

AccessiBe integrates easily with Squarespace. 

Follow this two-step process to make your Squarespace website accessible to everyone.

Step 1: Sign up on AccessiBe For Installation Code

First of all you have to go to the AccessiBe website and sign up. 

If you are not ready to pay and want to try it first, you can sign up for a free trial or request a demo. 

This way you can test out the features and see how this accessibility widget will work on your website.

Once you sign up and put in all your details, it will show you a Javascript code in the installation tab. Copy that code depicted in the screenshot below.

installation code from accessiBe

Once you have copied the code, move to the next step.

Step 2: Install the code on your Squarespace Website

Now, you have to install the code provided by AccessiBe to your Squarespace website. 

First, go to your Squarespace account and open the website in which you want to install this accessibility widget. 

From the Squarespace search icon, type in Code Injection and go to the Code Injection section.

code injection Squarespace

Once you are in the code injection tab, paste the code you copied from AccessiBe in the Footer block as shown in the screenshot below.

paste installation code

Once you have pasted the code in the Footer section, Click save and you’ll instantly see the AccessiBe widget in the bottom right corner of your website. 

You can preview your website to see if the integration went well.

Wasn’t it simple? 

In two steps you have integrated the Accessibility widget to your Squarespace website.

AccessiBe Squarespace extension for ADA compliance offers complete guidance and quick customer support in case you have any difficulty integrating it with your website.

How much does AccessiBe Cost?

Now that you know about the features and installation process of the AccessiBe accessibility plugin. 

Let’s talk about the most crucial question, how much will this plugin cost you?

AccessiBe works on a subscription-based model. 

They have both monthly and yearly plans. If you choose yearly plan you can get a 20 percent discount. 

Here are the yearly pricing plans.

AccessiBe pricing plans

These plans are classified mainly on number of pages your website has. 

For small and medium-scale websites, a standard package is enough. 

You will be compliant with all accessibility protocols and features we talked about in all plans.

But if you want premium add-ons like automatic integration with Google Analytics, API, batch management, and multi-account management then you go for higher plans but it will cost you more. 

So, if you are looking for these additional features you can check out their pricing page and compare the features each plan offers.

Benefits of using AccessiBe

It is important to have an accessible website. 

There are many benefits of having a fully accessible website that adjusts to the user’s needs.

Let’s discuss the benefits you will get by using the AccessiBe website accessibility tool. 

Makes Your Website Compliant

Your business might get a lawsuit if it is not compliant with accessibility protocols like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

It is a legal requirement to make your website accessible to people with disabilities. With this plugin, your website will accommodate disabled people and will meet the requirements set by accessibility organizations.

Installing this plugin will save you from potential lawsuits. 

Along with ADA and WCAG there are other accessibility protocols like AODA, Section 508, EAA/EN301549 and it’s important to meet their criteria for your online presence.

Enhanced User Experience

For any website user experience matters a lot. User engagement depends on the user experience. 

Most people focus just on conventional user experience with their websites, but it is equally important to have your website accessible for disabled people. 

This will enhance the user experience of your website.

With this simple accessibility widget, your website will be ready to cater to everyone. 

And it will make sure every visitor gets a great user experience. 

With all these tools and features your website will accommodate for all user need, increasing the engagement and overall satisfaction of users.

So, if you are really serious about your website and your goal is to offer an exceptional user experience then AccessiBe is a must-have.

SEO Advantage 

While there are a lot of factors and steps for SEO, a Website’s accessibility is surely one of them. 

Websites that are more accessible rank better in search engines. 

Due to a better user experience, improved structure, and usability. 

One benefit that you will get with an accessible website is higher rankings. 

Think of it this way, the number of people who need accommodation while using a website is very high so some people might be leaving your website just because your website is not accessible, hence increasing the bounce rate. 

Which is a negative impact in SEO and causes your website to not rank higher.

AccessiBe makes sure that your website not only appeals to your visitors but also the search engines by taking the usability of your Squarespace website to the next level.

Positive Brand Image

Enhancing your website’s accessibility is not just to be compliant but also to deliver a positive company/brand image to the users. 

By integrating an accessibility plugin you are showing it that you really care about your users and are accommodating toward people with disabilities.

It’s crucial to reflect your brand or company’s image as one that is dedicated to being fair and equal for everyone. 

Think about how a person will feel when they visit your website and they see that your website accommodates the needs of all people including those with disabilities.

It surely is going to convey a positive message to your visitors. 

And you will not lose any visitors just because your website is not accessible.

Pros & Cons of Using AccessiBe for Website Accessibility

Throughout this article, You now have an overview of the features, pricing, and benefits of using this accessibility plugin. 

Here are the pros and cons based on our experience of using this plugin.

pros and cons of accessiBe


  • Makes your website compliant with ADA and WCGA
  • Quick and straightforward installation process with all platforms
  • Trusted accessibility solution by industry leaders & small businesses
  • A lot of accessibility features to accommodate users with disabilities
  • You get highly responsive and helpful customer support
  • No training or detailed guides are needed to use the plugin


  • A bit expensive and adds a recurring cost for small-scale businesses
  • Can affect the loading time of your website

What do we think about AccessiBe?

We have tested AccessiBe with the Squarespace website and found it very useful in terms of accessibility. 

With just a single line of code, we were able to make the website accessible. 

We were impressed by the features it offers, and we think that it benefits not only users with disabilities but also overall visitors. 

We would love it if every website could have features like changing font sizes, and colors, toggling reading mode, and highlighting links. 

With what this plugin offers we are more than satisfied. 

But it is quite expensive and as most of our clients are small scale businesses, we think that it will be quite difficult for them to accommodate this recurring cost to their bill. 

In conclusion, this AccessiBe is the plugin to go for to achieve higher accessibility on your website.

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