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Essential Branding Services to build a solid brand

Branding is not just a logo and text! It is the core of your business and defines how you want to represent your brand. A clear and strong brand identity will help you convey your message across all platforms in a consistent manner. Your brand image is how people perceive it and you can control it.

Why is Branding Important? βœ…

Branding is a crucial part of your business or brand. To understand it better look at popular brands. See how the simple use of design elements can have a profound effect on people. You can recognize the brands easily no matter if you are on their website, or in their actual store. You see the consistency everywhere. And not only that it also gives a unique vibe. Some brands feel luxury even without saying that they are luxury brands. That's the power of branding. So you are in control of how you want your company, brand, or business to be perceived and it's done with branding.

brand identity visual concepts


No matter what you do, there always will be competitors. Trying to get past you. To stand out and make a solid place for yourself you need to have a solid brand identity. It will differentiate you from your competitors and establish you as a trusted brand in the niche.

consistent branding


To be successful your target audience should be able to recognize you. With a brand identity in place, you get recognition because you have a strategy in place. Consistent use of logos, colors, and fonts will have a lasting impact on your customers which will increase customer loyalty.

brand positioning


If you want your customers to feel a special connection with your brand, you need to express it through your brand’s image. Branding is all about how you want to portray your brand. With design elements, you can evoke customer’s feelings, and memories leaving a lasting impact.


Is Your Brand Identity Not Consistent And Effective? 🎨

Small businesses often have issues with branding, they just start with a logo without putting much thought into it. Even if you are a small business or brand, Branding is equally important for you. With unclear brand identity, a lot of issues arise, such as lack of brand recognition, inconsistent visual elements, no emotional connection with customers, and lack of trustworthiness. At Lucrative Studio, we design brand identities that stand out and perform well. But before we jump onto the solutions let's discuss the issues you might be facing!

limited brand awareness

Limited Brand Awareness

You will most probably struggle with getting visibility and recognition with unclear branding. In crowded marketplaces, branding is what makes you stand out from the competition and secure a strong spot to sell your services, and products, or gain authority.

inconsistent visual message

Inconsistent Visual Elements

Does your branding on different platforms feel inconsistent? If yes, then you definitely need a cohesive brand identity including a logo, color palette, fonts, etc to be redefined and set some rules on using these design elements to ensure consistency across all platforms.

unclear brand identity

Unclear Brand

Brand identity is no different than a person, it has some attributes and qualities. But the difference is that you can control every aspect of branding by putting some thought into it. So, if your brand doesn’t speak for itself it’ll not get the attention and the success you have hoped for.

poor brand differentiation

Poor Brand Differentiation

When it comes to branding, there are a lot of templates and tools to quickly design a logo and other design elements. But that will not differentiate you from others as anyone can use those same templates. If you want to be identified from far away you need to start from scratch.

confusing brand communication

Confusing Brand Communication

The thing with branding is that you need to find the balance in expressing your core values, and messaging. It’s very easy to go overboard and become confusing. Does your branding feel overwhelming? If yes, it can hinder your marketing and come out as a confusing brand.

lack of brand cohesion

Lack of Brand Cohesion

The branding is going to be used in every aspect of your business, from website to business card. So, it should have cohesion. If it lacks cohesion it will result in less engagement, trust, and loyalty from your target audience. A strong and visually appealing brand identity is all you need if you are facing these issues.

πŸš€ Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity.

Why Choose Lucrative Studio?

We at Lucrative Studio understand the challenges that you might face with branding. We have also been in your shoes. Standing out in a competitive market and coming up with a strong brand identity requires effort and skills. If you don’t have the skills and expertise to create a good brand identity, you don’t need to worry. With our brand identity design services, you can establish a solid brand identity for your business.

Our commitment to exceptional results is what sets us apart. A branding project sparks our excitement as we are passionate about it. We have all the ingredients needed to create a brand identity which includes experience, skills, and dedication. Our design process is focused on intense research where we gather insights and then execute the design. This way you will get unique and on-point branding. SOUNDS GOOD!

Why choose lucrative studio for brand identity design

Our Trusted Clients

The Solution To Your Branding Challenges πŸ†

Designing a branding by yourself is a difficult process plus it requires a lot of time. Imagine a team of graphic designers working on your brand identity. It's a GAME CHANGER. Our expert graphic designers will craft a logo design, brand book, and other branding material with attention to detail. If you really want your brand to succeed then you should start with a cohesive brand strategy. With our premium brand identity design services you can let us handle the design while you focus on other aspects. Let's partner up to find the solution to your branding challenges!

Three-Step Process For A Unique Brand Identity

At Lucrative Studio we truly believe in the power of communication and transparency. So, here's a three-step brand identity design process that will ensure that your brand's transformation is seamless and impactful.


Discovery and Strategy

We start with an in-depth analysis of your business or brand. This includes your goals, target audience, and your niche. In this process, we do meetings and communicate with you to be on the same page and come up with a strategy that aligns with your values and expectations.


Creative Development

This is the process where the MAGIC happens. We have all the information that we need and process the information. Now we start bringing your brand to life with creative designs. From logo design to a complete brand identity. One step at a time to ensure high-quality results.


Refinement and Delivery

Perfection is a process. In this third step, we will offer revisions based on your feedback to ensure that you have a polished brand identity. Once you are happy with the designs and brand guidelines, we will hand over the KEY to you. Which is the brand identity, the KEY to your SUCCESS!

Our Commitment To Your Brand Identity

At Lucrative Studio, we believe in clear commitments. Hiring someone to design your brand identity is a big step. Here are some things that we are committed to offer as a part of our service. We look forward to a transparent and successful collaboration.

clarity in communication

Clarity in Communication

Throughout the project, we will keep the communication open and clear. You’ll get updates about the progress of the project. We’ll make the process transparent to you and provide you with all the information about what design choices were made and offer clear explanations so you are aware.

tailored design solution

Tailored Design Solutions

Every brand or company has a unique personality and traits. So, there is no fit for all solution in branding and brand identity. Therefore, We offer tailored brand identity design services. You can be at ease while we work on building your brand.

attention to detail

Attention to Details

When you choose to hire us for your brand identity you will experience that we give undivided attention to each project. Your business and vision are important for you, and we respect that so we give attention to details in each of our projects.

delivery on time

Timely Delivery

Timelines and deadlines are very crucial in any project. That’s why we are committed to timely deliveries. We will keep you updated on the progress and ensure that your branding project goes as planned and you are ready to launch on time.

Branding Services That Changes THE GAME πŸ’ͺ

With a boring and bland brand identity, your brand is not distinguished and memorable. It plays a vital role in the success of your brand and needs your attention right now. So, here's the solution! Let's level up your brand and bring it to the spotlight. With our expert branding services, you can get a top-notch brand that grabs the attention of your visitors and leaves a long-lasting impact on their minds. Imagine your brand evoking the emotions of your target audience and speaking your core values with simple design elements. It requires skills and expertise to achieve that and Luckily you found us!

Simple Pricing, Unlimited PotentialπŸ”₯

You may be thinking that a brand makeover or a branding project will cost you thousands of dollars, but that's not the case. We have made our pricing simple and on-point. We have two branding packages. The Essential branding offers branding on budget with essential design deliverables that every brand needs. The Ultimate Branding however is the complete branding package where you get all the design-related deliverables you will ever need. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your brand identity today!

Essential Branding


Excluding Taxes | One time | Two Weeks

It covers essential branding needs with a focused and streamlined approach. Perfect for starting out and making a memorable impression.

⚑ 3 initial logo design concepts
⚑ Color palette
⚑ Vector files
⚑ Different sizes
⚑ Different variations
⚑ Font selection
⚑ Simple brand style guide

Ultimate Branding


Excluding Taxes | One Time | Four Weeks

Experience the all-in-one branding service where you get an extended and complete brand identity. From logo design to social media designs, we got you covered.

⚑ 5 initial logo design concepts
⚑ Color palette, Vector Files, Varitaions
⚑ Font selection
⚑ Detailed brand style guide
⚑ Logo mockups
⚑ Stationery Design
⚑ Letterhead, Business Card, Envelope
⚑ Social media designs
⚑ Profile pictures, Cover Photos
⚑ Post templates
⚑ Packaging design (if applicable)
⚑ Icons, Patterns, Illustrations

End Of The Page, But A Beginning For Your Brand!

You have scrolled to the end of the page which reflects your keen interest and dedication towards your brand. You deserve an outstanding BRANDING and we commit to providing that. Book a free consultation with us by navigating the calendar below and let's chat about the project. Let's give your brand the look it deserves!


Still Have Questions? FAQs πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

What is brand identity design services?

Brand identity design services include creating the visuals and emotional elements of a company or brand. If you hire someone for brand identity design services you will get a logo design, color palette, typography, social media post designs, stationery kit, brand book, and other design materials that you might need for marketing and showcasing your brand.

How much does it cost to design a brand identity?

The cost of a brand identity depends on many factors. If you are planning to do it yourself you'll probably need software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Moreover, you might need to pay for fonts and mockups if you want premium results. On the other side, you can choose to hire someone to do the branding which can cost you from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the experience, skills, and portfolio of the person or agency you are hiring.

How do you create a brand identity design?

We create a brand identity design for a brand by conducting research and then executing the best possible designs and making the right choices. We use industry standards in our design projects. From sketches to final digital files have uniqueness and personalization for the best results.

What are the 5 steps to creating brand identity designs?

  1. Research and Understand the Brand: Research and dig deep into the brand's mission, values, and target audience to collect information and use it for later design stages.

  2. Develop a Strategy: Figure out the goals, positioning, and personality of the brand and outline a persona for the brand.

  3. Design the Visual Elements: Create the logo, color scheme, typography, and other design elements that you will need in publishing your brand or marketing it.

  4. Create Brand Guidelines: Establish a set of rules for maintaining brand consistency in visual language so you have something to refer to before pushing out anything for your target audience.

  5. Implement the Branding: Apply the new design across all business materials and make it live. See your brand make an impact in the real world.

What do branding services include?

Branding service includes creating a brand strategy and designing each aspect of the brand identity that your brand might need. This includes logo design, icons, patterns, social media designs, letterheads, business cards, packaging designs, merchandise design, brand book, and any other design material varying from brand to brand and needs.

Is it worth it to hire a graphic designer?

Just like you hire someone to build your house, or run any errand, Branding is just like that. If you are not an expert then it's a feasible option to hire a graphic designer rather than doing a messy job yourself. But a much better option is to hire a design agency as they have a team of designers to work on projects, they will do a much better job than a standalone graphic designer in most cases. So, if you have the budget to hire a branding agency then you should go for it to get better results.