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Squarespace is CMS that makes it really simple to launch your business website. If you are a business owner and your business don't have a website? Then you are missing out on so many opportunities. Having a website nowadays is a must. Squarespace is the best platform if you are just starting and have no advanced knowledge of website design. We provide custom Squarespace website design services where we can design a website from scratch or redesign your existing site. At Lucrative Studio you can easily hire a certified Squarespace web designer to design your business website.


Starting your business website can be a hectic task if you have no prior experience. The first issue is choosing a platform that will work best for you. There are many different platforms you can use you to launch your website like WordPress, Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, Joomla, Shopify etc. If you are starting out and want a website that is simple, professional, powerful and easy to manage then Squarespace is the best option. At Lucrative Studio we design custom Squarespace websites for clients. All you need to do is get in touch with us and one of our Squarespace website designer will design your business website.

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799 $ In One Week
  • Consistent & Attractive Design
  • Upto 3 Pages
  • Optimization for Speed
  • Premium Stock Images Licensed
  • 1 Month Premium Support
  • 6 months Extended Trial
1499 $ In Two Weeks
  • Consistent & Attractive Design
  • Upto 5 Pages
  • E-commerce Functionality
  • 10 Products Upload
  • Brand Identity
  • Optimization for Speed
  • Blog Setup
  • Premium Stock Images Licensed
  • 1 Month Premium Support
  • 6 months Extended Trial
2999 $ In Three Weeks
  • Complete Squarespace Website
  • Consistent & Attractive Design
  • Upto 10 Pages
  • E-commerce Functionality
  • 20 Products Upload
  • Basic On-Page SEO
  • Brand Identity
  • Optimization for Speed
  • Blog Setup
  • Premium Stock Images Licensed
  • Bookings & Scheduling
  • 1 Month Premium Support
  • 6 months Extended Trial


Now that you have decided to launch your website on Squarespace here is the process that we will go through. After you have got a quote from us and the agreement is done then the website design process will start. Here are the steps that we will go through to get you a professional Squarespace website that you are proud of and your visitors love it.


First step is an initial online meeting, which will be done after the quote has been sent to you and you have accepted the quote which will be finalized with an agreement and statement of work. SOW(Statement of Work) will include all the details like what will you get and deliverables that we both agree on. The initial online meeting will be done to get to know each other, what to expect and any questions you have will be answered. We will also gather requirements which takes to the next step.


This is a very important step which will paly a key role in the results. We need certain information from you in order to design your website. We will present a questionnaire that you need to answer in order for us to start working on the project. This will include requirements like the brand name, colors, fonts, logos, images and design. Don't worry we will help you through this process and make it easy for you to fill in requirements. This is the step where we will have all the information and rest is on us.


Our team will start working on the requirements and layout the initials draft for the website. We will keep you updated throughout the process. One of our Squarespace web designer will start designing your website. The first version of the website will be ready in accordance to the details you provided. Although the first version may not be perfect but we will do our best and after that we will present the first version of the website to you. We will need your feedback on the first version which takes us to the next step.​


Now that the first version is ready we will present the first version of the website which will be a live Squarespace website. We will need you to review the website and provide your feedback on the design. The feedback will be taken which will include things like what do you like on the website? What are the things you don't like on the website. This will clear the vision and is really helpful for us to further refine the website. We are sure that you will like the first version of the website but if not so we will take your feedback.


Based on your feedback and comments it will make it clear for us. In this step we will make further amendments on the website and make it pixel perfect. This will be the final version and you will have a website that you always wanted. We will make it live and ready for the visitors after you approval. Final touch will be given to the website and your website will be live and ready to share on social media. At this step we will hand over the website to you and answer your questions in the final step.


In the final step we will hand over the website to you and give you complete access of the website. We will have an online meeting where we can share final words and this will be an opportunity for you to ask questions about the future of your website and how to manage it in the future and necessary steps to grow it. We will give you proper guidelines for you that will make it easy for you to manage your website and make changes if you wish to in the future. Keep in mind that if you have any issues then Lucrative Studio is here to help.


Pulp Culture


Pulp Culture is a family owned business that produces fermented juices with a secret recipie.



Cosmic is a business that helps you automate your business without any hassle and with great results.

Certis Media


Certis Media is a marketing agency that provides marketing services for businesses.

The Grand Hotel


The Grand Hotel as the name suggests is a hotel that prioritize their customer's comfort and ease.

Garbage Pail Apes


Garbage Pail Apes is an NFT project with great artworks which is already launched and minted.



Barijuve provides health consultation and runs a blog that shares health related tips and guides.


Our Squarespace web design packages starts from 800$ depending on your requirements you can choose a package that suit your needs. A professional Squarespace web designer will design your website. The website will be custom made and on the latest Squarespace 7.1 platform. Just pick a package that suit your needs and if you are having an issue deciding? Let us know and we can consult you or provide a personalized package for you.


Lucrative Studio is web design studio and we specialize in Squarespace. We design custom websites from scratch for small business owners to large businesses. Our aim is to provide the best quality service to our clients. Here are some things that we offer to our clients.


A certified Squarespace web designer will design your website to ensure high quality and professional results. We provide top-notch web development service specialized in Squarespace. Your website is meant to be exceptional and we will do it for you.


After the website is delivered and handed over to you, there are chances that you face an issue or have a query. We provide one month support after the order completion so you don't have to worry about any issues. We will be here to offer help and fix the issues you have.


Communication plays an important role and we communicate clearly with our clients. We answer questions and provide a statement of work (SOW) before starting the project. You will also be kept updated throughout the process and will be aware of the details.


There is a user manual or instructions with every appliance you buy. There will be one with the website too. If you wish to make changes to the website then there will be guidelines that will help you to make changes on the website very easily.


Most of the people use mobile phones to access internet and websites these days. So your website has to look good on mobile phone too. Although Squarespace has not much features for making a mobile friendly website but we use custom code to achieve that.


Obviously your website is meant to generate traffic and for people to see, that's the purpose of the website. For that the website design must be SEO friendly in order to appear in Google search results. Although there is much more to SEO but websites we design are SEO friendly.


It is the perfect time for you launch your website and get your business online. All you need is a website to expand your brand visibility, authenticity and business. We recommend Squarespace for that purpose. And Lucrative Studio does Squarespace best. Let us design your Squarespace website. Lets proceed!


What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a website builder that is used to design websites and e-commerce stores. Squarespace is a CMS or Content Management System just like Wix, Weebly, Webflow, and WordPress. Squarespace is somewhat different and has different features. Squarespace website builder comes with many great features and has a complete set of tools that you will need to launch your website or store. You can design aesthetic websites using this tool. And what I mean from complete set of tools is that it has all the essentials you need like it provides you hosting and domain services all in one platform. It offer other tools like integration of Google webmaster, Google Analytics and any other tools you want to integrate with it because it supports external code. Squarespace can be used to design powerful websites but that requires coding to extend the possibilities. Overall it is a great platform for small business owners who want to launch their website.

Is Squarespace Website worth it?

That is a tough questions and to answer we will have to consider multiple factors. Squarespace is still worth it in 2023. It is evolving and the Squarespace team is working hard to make it more efficient, user friendly and powerful. So, if you want a website or store that doesn't have extra ordinary capabilities then yes it can handle it. Squarespace has a set of tools and is a powerful platform. All you need is a professional Squarespace web designer to design your website if you can't do it yourself. We can really push the limits with custom coding. Squarespace is updating from time to time like recently fluid engine was released which made it a lot easier to design complex layouts. If you are not sure that you should go for Squarespace or not? You can contact us and we will guide you through.

Why Should I choose Lucrative Studio?

Lucrative is a website design agency that specializes in Squarespace. We have years of experience in Squarespace web development. We have worked with more than 400 clients from all over the world. We designed a whole bunch of websites and e-commerce websites. If you want to launch your business website then Lucrative Studio should be your only choice because we know our way around. We provide Squarespace web design services, branding and SEO services. We can design a top-notch website for your business in Squarespace that your visitors will love. Lucrative Studio aims to provide you with the best service, we will design your complete website, keep you updated, offer you suggestions and help you bring your business online. Lucrative Studio has a lot of satisfied customers who keep coming back and refer others. We have a bunch of premade templates too so if you are looking for a quick solution for a website that can be a option. You can look through our templates for Squarespace and find the one meet your needs.

What information do I need to provide you?

To design your website we will require some information from you. As you have gone through the steps explained above you will see that there is a step for gathering requirements. That is where we ask you a bunch of questions and your answers will be given to a certified Squarespace web designer who will design your website. Requirements are really simple and that will include certain things. First of all you will have to tell us your brand name and your domain. We will require you to have a Squarespace account and if you don't have it already we will guide you through. Next is brand guides which comprise of things like fonts, color scheme, logo etc. These are the things our Squarespace web designer will need to design your website and make sure we have a consistent design that aligns with your brand. If you don't have these things then you can head over to our branding section under services where we can design a complete brand for you. Additional things we need are verbiage or copy for the website. And finally websites that you like which can be your competitors or just a simple website that you like. We will use that to understand your preferences. That's all. Quite simple? Right.

How much does it cost to have a Squarespace website built?

There are two costs involved for having a website on Squarespace. First of all you will need to have a Squarespace account and buy a subscription. That is needed to make your website live. You can check the Squarespace packages here squarespace.com/pricing or click here. Next is a domain name which you purchase from Squarespace or any other platform like GoDaddy, Namecheap etc. This will be the URL for your website. That is the mandatory cost in order to have a website. Next comes the cost for having a Squarespace web designer who will design your website. We can design your Squarespace website and we have three different packages for Squarespace web design. You can scroll up to the pricing section and read the details of each package and proceed with the one that meets your requirements. Keep in mind that the cost for Squarespace subscription and domain is recurring while the cost Squarespace website design is one time.

Should I hire a Squarespace web designer?

Now that you have chosen Squarespace for your website. There are several options. You can either design your website yourself or have someone to design it for you. If you cannot design it yourself and want something really professional and aesthetically pleasing then we recommend hiring a Squarespace web designer. We at Lucrative Studio can design your Squarespace website and one of our certified and professional Squarespace web designer will do it. The results will be amazing and beyond your expectations. We are experts and we have designed hundreds of websites for clients. We have vast experience with the Squarespace platform and we can design a professional website for you. So, answer is yes. You should hire a professional Squarespace web designer to design your website.

What should I do if I need more than 10 pages?

In our pricing packages you should have seen that the custom package offers upto 10 pages. Which normally are enough for a website but if you need more than 10 pages then you should contact us in this regard. We can provide you with a custom quote for more than 10 pages. And that is the case with other things, if you need something that is not stated in the package or any of our pricing plan doesn't meet your requirements then you can contact and we will be happy to offer you a custom package according to your requirements.

Do you provide SEO services for the website?

Having a professional and top-notch website is not enough. Like the purpose of the website is to have organic traffic and get exposure from people all around the world. Although having a professional and well designed website is important but after that comes SEO which is essential for growing your website and have organic traffic. We provide SEO services also and you can find details of that on our SEO page under services tab. We highly recommend getting SEO for you website which will result in higher Google ranking and will make it easier for your potential customers to find your website. SEO brings traffic to your website and which means more sales or leads to your business. SO, if you are serious about growing your website and taking it to next level we recommend SEO and we provide professional SEO services.