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Our Squarespace Templates?⚡

If you are not a website designer then it's a difficult task to design a website from scratch. And even if you manage to design one, it'll not be a professional website that provides a good user experience to your visitors or clients. With this problem in mind, we have designed Squarespace website templates that are specifically built for small business owners. With just one step you'll get a professional website that is aimed to offer great user experience and convert visitors into customers. Let's discuss the features you'll get with our premium Squarespace website templates.

Squarespace 7.1 templates

Squarespace 7.1

Our templates are designed specifically on Squarespace 7.1, which is the latest Squarespace version offered right now. It comes with ease of use, fluid engine, and the latest updates. Which makes it easier to edit the website template directly without any hassle. Also, Squarespace is adding new features frequently so with the latest version of Squarespace you’ll be the first one to get those updates.

mobile responsive squarespace templates

Mobile Responsive

About 92.3% of internet users access the internet from a mobile phone. This means that most of our website visitors will be from mobile devices. Keeping that in mind our Squarespace templates are optimized for smaller screens. So, the visitors will get a great user experience on smaller screens. Our website templates do not only look professional on desktops but also on mobile devices.

6 months Squarespace trial

Extended Trial

Squarespace provides you with a 14-day trial period where you can test the features, or design your website. But that is too short to finalize a website design especially if you are a beginner with website design stuff. Our Squarespace website templates come with a 6-month trial period so, you have enough time to make changes to the template, customize it according to your brand, and test things out.

ease of customizaton

Easy To Use Templates

Using Squarespace templates to design a website might seem difficult. But it’s not, because you get a pre-made website that is professionally designed. Our premium Squarespace templates have all the things that you will need. It comes with a header, footer, hero sections, about page, sales page, contact page, and any other pages that you will need for your business website. It’s pretty simple to edit the template!

quick support

Customer Support

We have a team of Squarespace experts waiting to help you with any issue that you might face. You will not be left alone after the template purchase from us. We will make sure that the template installation is seamless and quick. If you face any issues while editing the template, or have any questions or concerns we are always here to offer free email support! You can reach us through live chat, or email anytime.

seo friendly Squarespace templates

SEO-Friendly Designs

Our Squarespace templates are equipped with SEO-friendly design. We have used the best SEO practices while designing the template. So you don’t have to worry about the SEO foundation of your website. Once you put in the content and update your branding you will be good to go. But SEO is much more than so you should consider hiring a Squarespace SEO expert to make sure your website performs well.

Your Squarespace Website, Just 3 Steps Away

Starting a website is not a difficult take if you have a headstart and don't have to design everything from scratch. With our simple three-step process, you can launch a website without any hassle. We have spent hours designing custom Squarespace templates for businesses so you don't have to spend time learning the Squarespace builder. All you have to do is look for a Squarespace template from our template shop. You can choose a template that fits your business and style preferences. Once you purchase and receive the template, you can start the customization process replace the logo, and brand colors, and add in the text. That's it you the final step is to review the website and launch your shiny business website.


Select Your Template

Here at Lucrative Studio, we have a bunch of Squarespace templates for sale that you can explore at the top of this page, once you have picked up the Squarespace template that suits your website design needs and fits your brand style. We have a diverse range of Squarespace templates so, whether you are a blogger, makeup artist, coach, dentist, videographer, writer, tattoo artist, real estate agent, or in a travel niche. We have a website template for you. You can look at our collection and see the demo site to view the template in action before purchasing. Once you have selected a template you can proceed with the purchase and the template will be in your Squarespace account within a few hours.

Customize with Ease

Once you have the Squarespace template in your dashboard, you can start editing it to represent your brand. With Squarespace drag and drop builder that comes with easy editing capabilities, you can change anything that you want. You should start by changing the logo and color palette from site styles which will apply changes to your overall website. Then you start by removing pages or sections that you don’t need. Once you have the website structure that you want to keep, you can start editing the text and add your brand copy for each section. You can also add your social media links and connect your email to the contact form. The website will start to turn into a polished website that truly represents your business.


Launch and Thrive

The final launch checklist is to publish your shiny new website. Once you are happy with the design you can publish your website, so it is live and open for visitors. If you had a domain already you can either connect the domain or move it to Squarespace. To make your website public you will need to purchase a hosting plan for your website from Squarespace. There are four different options right now and you can choose whatever fits your business. Another perk of purchasing a Squarespace template from Lucrative Studio is that you will get a 20-30% discount on annual plans. Once you have the hosting plan and domain in place, all you have to do is click a button and your website will become public!

Endless Possibilities with our
Squarespace Website Templates✌

With our premium Squarespace templates you can start a business website in any niche without having to worry about the design. Our affordable Squarespace templates offer an easy solution for entrepreneurs and business owners to launch their websites. If you have an existing Squarespace website that is outdated then it's time to upgrade it to your dream site. At Lucrative Studio, you can seek help from our expert web designers to help you with the template selection process. We will recommend based on template graphics and other key aspects so it suits your business and brand identity. We also offer template customization service, if you want advanced features integrated into your website. Get custom templates for Squarespace today!

Got any Questions? FAQs 🙋‍♂️

What are premium Squarespace templates?

Premium Squarespace templates are website templates that are built on the Squarespace platform by talented website designers. Premium templates are exclusive templates that you can find from third-party web designers. Squarespace also offers some free templates when you start a website but those are just basic designs. Custom templates are designed with attention to detail, premium graphics, and effective layout. So, if you are looking for something more than a basic and boring layout, you need a premium Squarespace template.

How are Squarespace templates installed?

If you are curious about how you will get the website template? It's a straightforward process. In three simple steps, you can have your dream website.

Step 1:
First of all you need to select a template that you would like to purchase. We have a vast collection of custom Squarespace templates. You have a look and find one that fits best for your business. We have categorized them according to niches. So, if you are a photographer you can choose a photography Squarespace template. Add it to the cart and proceed with the checkout process. Make sure to enter your Squarespace account email so we can send an invite to you.

Step 2: We will then prepare the Squarespace template for you and send you an admin contributor invite. You will receive this invitation on your Squarespace account email that you provided during checkout. Once you accept this invitation it will show up in your Squarespace account. You can email us and then we can transfer the ownership of this template to you.

Step 3: Now it's time to start editing the template just like you would edit any of your existing websites. You can edit almost every part of the template and make it coherent with your brand or business guidelines. Once you are done with editing you are ready to publish your website.

And that's how simple it is to launch a new website without having to worry about design.

Are your Squarespace templates customizable?

We have crafted our Squarespace templates with the customization process in mind. With Squarespace's user-friendly builder, it's easy to customize basic things like fonts, colors, images, and text according to your needs. But if you are looking to add advanced features that Squarespace builder doesn't support then you will need CSS knowledge to do so. In this case, we also offer customization service so let us know before purchasing a template so we can discuss the requirements and implement the features that you need.

Is it worth purchasing premium Squarespace templates?

Yes, if you are just starting with Squarespace or you don't have prior experience with website building then you will find it really difficult to craft a professional website. This is where premium Squarespace templates can help you. You will get a pre-made website that is professionally designed and SEO-optimized. All you have to do is fill in your details and customize the branding and boom your new website is ready to launch. Premium Squarespace templates make it a child play to start a good-looking website for your business and brand.

If you are serious about your online business or brand then it's a great move to start with something that creative website designers have made with their own hands. Investing in a Squarespace template is not a cost but rather a thoughtful investment that will give you an edge over your competitors.

Are all Squarespace 7.1 templates the same?

No, not all our Squarespace 7.1 templates are the same. Each template has its own styles, features, and target audience. Our templates stand out because we don't focus on just aesthetics. Our templates are targeted around specific businesses. Think of it like this: if you have a bakery, you'd need a template that can showcase your bakery items and has a structure that is suited for businesses in your niche. Our templates do that kind of thing for all kinds of shops and services. We have 47 unique designs, so you can find something that is most relevant to your business.

Which is the best Squarespace template for my business?

Choosing the best Squarespace template for your business comes down to what you need. Every business is different, so the best template is one that aligns with your brand and goals. Here are some points to pick out the best Squarespace templates.

  • If your business needs lots of visual appeal, go for a template with big image areas.
  • If you're all about selling products, pick a template with strong e-commerce features.
  • For services or portfolios, find templates that let you describe your work and add testimonials.

How much does a typical Squarespace website cost?

A Squarespace website cost can be broken down into different parts as below.

  • Subscription: Squarespace charges a monthly fee. You pick from different plans – they have more features and tools as you go up in price. These templates come with 20-30% off if you buy the yearly plan

  • Template: If you buy a premium template from us, that's a one-time cost in addition to the Squarespace hosting plan.

  • Customization: Want to make it your own? If you hire a designer or developer to customize things, that'll add some extra cost depending on the designer's fee.

  • Domain: You'll need a domain to publish your website like You can purchase it from Squarespace or other domain providers on a monthly plan or yearly plan.

  • Extras: Email accounts, e-commerce features, or any other add-ons you choose can be added to your bill.

This is the general breakdown and it is not only limited to Squarespace. If you choose any other website builder or CMS you will need to pay the hosting, domain, email subscription, and designer's fee.

How often do you update your Squarespace templates?

We keep our Squarespace templates fresh by updating them whenever there's a new feature or fix from Squarespace. This means we're up to date with the latest Squarespace 7.1 updates and any cool new features they add.

We don't leave you out to dry after the template purchase. Got a question? Contact us at our help desk. Whether it's a small glitch or anything you would like to talk to us about! We are here to help.

What is the usage policy of your Squarespace templates?

Each template you buy from us is like a one-time ticket; it's made for a single website. If you're looking to reuse the same design for another site or maybe you're thinking of selling it, just shoot us an email at We'll chat about your options and find the best way to help you out!

Each template that is purchased from our shop will grant you the right to use it however you want as long as it is for just one website. But if you want to use the template for multiple websites or other projects then you will need to contact us about it at

Note: Duplicating, copying, sharing, or reselling our Squarespace templates without permission is not allowed.